Sample Full Day Enneagram Workshop

8:00 AM - Enneagram Basics

An overview of the system, how it’s used, and how it’s not used.

8:30 AM - Discover Your Type

We will conduct typing exercises for people to find their type.

9:30 AM - Break

9:45 AM - Q&A and Check-in

A time for questions and checking in to see who has a feel for their type and who doesn’t yet.

10:00 AM - Dive into Type

We will review the mechanisms for each type, and how it may show up in a group or on a team.

11:25 AM - Break

11:35 AM - Q&A and Live Coaching

If full-day, time for more questions and coaching if someone is stuck between two types.

12:00 PM - Lunch

1:00 PM - Pulse Check Exercise and Reflection

Everyone will take a critical look at where they are in their type’s health/development.

1:20 PM - Break Out Group by Type

Each person will get together with others from their own type and complete an activity together.

1:45 PM - Break Out Session with Primary Work Group

Teambuilding exercises conducted with work groups.

2:30 PM - Break

2:45 PM - Questions and Discoveries

People can share their questions as well as what they’ve discovered so far.

3:00 PM - Using the Enneagram to Develop

Communication, leadership development ideas, professional development plans

4:25 PM - Break

4:35 PM - Closing Activity

5:00 PM - Complete

Participants who come to this experience may already know their own core type, have never heard about the Enneagram, or anywhere in between. The live coaching will provide them clarity around their type, even if they don't know it.

This workshop can be personalized for your organization and I'm happy to discuss what that could look like!