What do you want?

To create in the world?

To give your heart and soul to?

To experience in all of its rich goodness?

To be?

To do?

To have?

To heal from?

To heal for?

You are made
for more

To survive the world that we live in, it can feel easier to disengage from certain realities.

Realities like how societal power dynamics impact how we move through the world.

Like social identities that carry privilege, and the intersectionality of those identities that do not.

Realities like the impact of our lack of self-awareness as we move through the world.

Like the harm we can cause when we disconnect from our own hearts.

Realities like our bodies hold wisdom, intuition, pleasure, pain, and more. And they were meant to.

Like we actually weren’t made to live these full lives dissociated from the home we live in.


That we start to heal so we all can be free to be fully human.

Not a small number of us because of social identity and privilege.

ALL of us.

To create THAT world, we have to do the work.

Where does the
work start?

Right here.

First, think back to the first question I asked that’s just a short scroll up:

What do you want?

The path forward, the fulfillment of your answer to that question is the work!

Three distinct, but inextricably connected things . . .

The Enneagram

The Enneagram is a tool that is one of the clearest paths to self-awareness I've ever encountered.

It's not a party trick.

It's a path to beautiful clarity about what you're motivated by at the core of who you are, your core reactivity, and how you adapt to survive.

We get clear, without shame, on how we've moved through the earth and what makes us tick, potentially harms others, brings us shame, keeps us stuck.


This can scare people who don't want to talk about race or gender because somehow bringing it up will make it more of a thing.

But in reality, antiracism is examining how we're negotiating structures, and beliefs that were created long before we got here. And it's the opportunity to say 'yes' to, and then acting upon, creating a world where there is equity, freedom, justice, and full humanity.

It's the chance for us all to be responsible for what we can do, even if we didn't create it.


The wealth of wisdom and intuition locked inside of our bodies has been cut off.

Not having the understanding of trauma to move through it.

Not recognizing that white supremacy is set up that we objectify ourselves, disconnected from the body. (Wounds of oppression are disembodiment wounds.)

Here, we start to reclaim our relationship with our bodies.

The Problem

✯ We don’t know what we don’t know. (Which means you can be unintentionally causing harm out of ignorance.)

✯ When people get educated, they often intellectualize the information instead of applying it and embodying it.

✯ Whiteness is a culture that still largely remains unnamed and unmarked, meaning it can flourish, cause disparities, and create harm.

✯ There’s not always a clear starting point on where to do the work beyond reading books or listening to podcasts.

The Solution

✮ Self-paced, guided exploration

✮ Accountability for the work you’re doing and how you’re applying it

✮ Clearly naming the unspoken parts of our existence that impacts how we see the world, who we see ourselves as in the world, and the actions we take

✮ Opportunities to apply the things you’re learning so it doesn’t just stay in your head

What are we talking about here?

The Orientation is a six-module course.

While modules will release every week, there are a few options I'll suggest so you don't burn yourself out and have the time to apply what you're learning.
The modules:
✦ The Context and Culture of White Supremacy
✦ Enneagram Basics
✦ Trauma Responses
✦ Enneagram Instincts
✦ Levels of Healing
✦ The Cycle of Socialization
The Accountability:
I keep talking about this because it's important.

Learning is only part of the journey.

Applying the information and doing your work is what's important.

To do this, you'll have weekly accountability opportunities to share with me what you're learning, how you're applying the information, what actions you're taking, and what questions you have.

It's kind of like a course . . . plus . . . because you still have the additional support to make sure this isn't just another intellectual pursuit.

Details to Purchase Course

The course is on sale for $444.

There are payment plans up to six-months!

Payment Options

Course Cost:

Full Pay: $444
Three Month Payment: $148
Six-Month Payment Plan: $74

I'm ready to sign up for my orientation!

Take me to the payment page, please!
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The Orientation's Origin Story

The Orientation arose out of an opportunity. From possibility.

I’ve been wondering how to make the work I do more accessible at a lower price point for some time. (I mean, every single business coach I know has talked about having a lower tier offer, anyway.)

I couldn’t think of a lower price offer that felt congruent and in integrity with really doing the work. And holding people in one-on-one and group work is weighty.

Hearing people unpack whiteness and say things that personally are hurtful comes with more compensation because of the energetic exchange in that way. It’s not just information. It’s energy.

I was asked recently if I have anything somewhere that they could buy on antiracism, and I had to tell them that I didn’t.

I have no intention on being a content machine churning out information for people to consume. Enough people post content.  They might not teach it exactly like me, but it’s out there.

For me, content without doing the work is meaningless.

The modules included in this Orientation course are some of the most impactful lessons that clients who work one on one with me get.

Meaning, if you commit to doing the work, you’re orienting yourself to some of the most basic and important parts of being a human today: the context that we live in.

Nobody lives a contextless life. We’re all shaped by society, by our ancestors, by our traumas, pleasures and pain. By our hopes and dreams, successes and failures. For the most part, by things we don’t even think about.

The Orientation is your step into clarifying the context for yourself. Unearthing truths that have been out of your reach before. Helping you see clearly where you are and what’s around you, so you can move forward.

I added accountability because I want you to know that you’re not ever alone in the journey. You’ll have the chance to check in with me, ask questions, and share how you’re applying the information.

I chose the visual of the sun because when we can see the sun, we have an idea about where we are. It orients us in time and space.

I hope that The Orientation (or if you’re not new, your re-Orientation), sparks you on your own journey.

Some Words About Me . . .

My name is Jessica Denise Dickson.

I am a Black cisgender heterosexual woman with she/her(s) pronouns. I am descended from enslaved Black Africans, brimming with my ancestors’ resilience and constantly healing from the trauma stuck in their bones and passed down to protect me. I am an Enneagram 8.

I've been doing Enneagram trainings since 2013 and diversity & social justice work for almost a decade before that.

I am a catalyst who provokes the divine judgment within you that you are beloved, inherently worthy, and unbound. Free. Whole.

You can find me on IG at @
jessicaddickson (personal) or my more tame business page at @jessicaddicksoncoaching. DM me there with any questions!